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-Tiffany A. Wright | Founder & Author
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Living life to the fullest seems like a daunting task sometimes; or finding the energy to live life beyond our nine to fives, an occasional happy hour or some other sort of networking event, spending time with our ffamilies..so on and so son...where was the time for ourselves? Often we forget our SEFL-CARE! Well ladies, not this month have a seat and take some time for yourself.

We promise the time will be well spent and filled with Inspiration | Empowerment | & Uplift.

March is all about sisterhood and women's history, we're taking time to celebrate and highlight women who are kicking butt and taking names.

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03.10.16 | Week 1 | v. 1
Mind, Body, & Soul Empowerment Edition
Women should be intentional about their mental, physical, and spiritual alignment. This week the Be Abundant Love | Newsletter will provide women with tips, resources, guided practices, and educational materials to begin her own journey of alignment.
03.17.16 | Week 2 | v. 2
Monumental Moments in Women's History
For decades women have done work inside and outside of the home, too often those stories go untold or lack the most important of detail. This week the Be Abundant Love | Newsletter will enlighten women with the raw stories of women who have had real struggles before the triumphs and are proud of how they go to where they are today.
03.24.16 | Week 3 | v. 3
Women in Culture
Women live the true definition of culture in their beauty and their pain.  This week the Be Abundant Love | Newsletter will allow you to take a moment to enjoy stories of women through their different life practices, mis-conceptions, values, intellect, and moving past gender bias in the public eye and in the privacy of her own home.
03.31.16 | Week 4 | v. 4
Personal Branding & Entrepreneurialism
Every woman has a personal brand; she represents her brand in her walk, talk, morals, etc.  What every woman may not know is that knowing and developing her personal brand might lead her to becoming and entrepreneur.  This week the Be Abundant Love | Newsletter will explore the successes of women who are novices and master in personal branding and entrepreneurialism.
Corinn Marquis 
Brilliant Abundance | B.A.C.Q. 2 Healing
@B_Abundant | @corinn_marquis
Corinn Marquis, Fonder & CEO of Brilliant Abundance prides herself on her work in advocacy and activism for women identifying as indirect and direct survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, and/or child abuse. Determined to serve as an effective change agent for rape culture in America and identifying as an indirect survivor herself, she understands first-hand the need for continued healing, growth, personal development, and spiritual wholeness.

A California native, currently residing in the D.M.V., Corinn Marquis has always been passionate about this particular demographic.  Starting her collegiate education at the University of California, Davis she majored in sociology with an emphasis in law and society and minored in religious studies; with a strong desire to become a prosecutor in sex crimes, she served as a litigation paralegal in environmental risk management, while working on her master's of science in legal studies.  Ultimately, she realized she could be of better service to the community than in the justice system, by touching the lives of survivors directly and with a level of relate-ability.

Locally, Corinn Marquis began her advocacy efforts working as a crisis intervention advocate at the local rape crisis center.  Over four years later, she has also taken on roles of Backup SupervisorTeam Lead, and Co-Facilitator of Training and Technical Assistance; she serves on the Junior Board for Knock Out Abuse; and she is an Empowered Women International, Entrepreneur Fellow, and an Entrepreneur graduate of the Black upStart Bootcamp.

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Tiffany A. Wright
BE! | The Be Life

@bebebelife | @Tiffinspires | @the_be_life 

Tiffany Wright is a self-love ambassador, author, speaker, and life enhancement specialist who seeks to empower and uplift women through a message of self-love. She is the founder of the brand The BE Life, which was launched in 2013 as a blog and evolved into a platform for events and workshops for teen and adult women, with an up and coming inspirational product line which will include empowering 
tees and journals. Tiffany's message is centered around what she calls the 5 Commandments of Self-Love, which is what her 2014 self-love devotional book, BE Love: Daily Intentions Guiding You to Self Love. is based off of.

With educational training from the University of California, Davis, and Columbia University, Tiffany’s combined degrees in Sociology, Psychology, and Social Work has set a context for her desire to help improve the lives of individuals and the support networks in which they exist. She has worked with society’s most marginalized and stigmatized groups and has been able to successfully motivate groups through public speaking, program management, and effective mentor strategies.

Tiffany is now taking her many years of work in social sciences and mental health, to support the personal development and self-improvement of individuals around the world. Her motto is, “Live a life worth living.”

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